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BW Extractors Performance Tuning

Ganapathi Pulipaka | [email protected] | Thursday, May 19th, 2014
SAP CRM-IPM 7.2 is a solution for media enterprises, studios, film, television, books, music, sports channels that manage their IP (Intellectual product) master data with availability analysis and intellectual right maintenance.  The solution consists of IP Master, contracts, usage confirmation, avails, and billing/royalties. 
BW extracts millions of records from rights data extractor, billing extractor from CRM-IPM.  There have been performance problems in CRM-IPM since inception and these extractors do not mostly extract the data in 48 hours in production environment. 
This whitepaper focuses on the strategic and technical SAP BW platinum level consulting approaches to tune standard SAP code and send recommendations to SAP to improve the performance by releasing several media industry specific OSS notes and global OSS notes as well.
In the recent times, Enterprise Data Warehouse and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse are intertwined for executive decision support systems running ERP platforms.  The heterogeneous enterprise database sources require integration with SAP BW solution.  SAP BW was primarily built to connect to SAP ERP system and for every 50,000 SAP ERP customers there were at least 13,000 SAP BW customers who bought and implemented SAP BW solution.  However, customers have been experiencing latency problems with SAP BW as some of the extractors run for more than 48 hours to 50 hours before extracting the data from SAP BW extractors.  The system is flooded with lot of background processors when extractors are running and virtually most of the time, due to the resource intensive consumption of the system, SAP BW extractors have been requiring multiple splits to run the SAP BW extractors.  The SAP BW solution was purely built as a core SAP BW solution to support majority of their customers running SAP ERP systems.  The lack of heterogeneity in SAP BW system does not allow integrating well with non-SAP data, unstructured, semi-structured data to process gigantic volumes of Big Data.  On the timeline of SAP acquisitions, in 2010, SAP’s acquisition of Sybase has revolutionized the way SAP research labs was looking to build a roadmap with their own patented database technology such as SAP HANA.  However, most of the customers stuck to SAP BW solution due to the cost of the infrastructure for a single OLTP and OLAP blended database management solution.  This gave potential to tune the existing SAP BW systems integrating SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, and SAP PLM systems.
Warner Bros. International Television Distribution (WBITD) Inc. engages in licensing new and existing movies, and television shows to multiple broadcasters and other service providers such as DTH (Direct-broadcast satellite, cable, and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) providers) headquartered at Burbank, CA.  WBITD requires an accelerated business warehousing system that can manage to extract their IP rights (Intellectual Property), extraction of billing data to manage their financial close operations for AR (Accounts receivable), FCA (Financial close automation), and AE (Accrual engine) from SAP CRM-IPM system.  WBITD was facing challenges to close the financial operations at the end of each month, as the extraction to their business warehousing system was taking from 1 to 2 business days as opposed to the business expectations of few hours, thus resulting in loss of revenues.  
The problem is with SAP standard programs.  Following code recommendations were made to SAP on SAP CRM-BW to resolve the issues.  SAP has released standard OSS notes with our recommendations to resolve these issues.
Note 1661659 - Performance problem with 0IPM_SALES_RIGHT_I extractor
Note 1665494 - Performance optimization of 0IPM_SALES_RIGHT_I datasource
Note 1674091 - Datasource 0IPM_SALES_RIGHT_I dumps with memory errors.
Note 1681611 - 0IPM_SALES_CONTR_I does not extract Deals with no Billplan
Note  1671051 - 'Parent' as a selection field for 0IPM_SALES_RIGHT_I
Note 1697103 - 0IPM_SALES_CONTR_I - missing net value for Licensing fees
Note 1719978 - Wrong task type for IPM_RCHAR segment in sales contract BDoc
Note  1714267 - Item records for milestone billing updated unnecessarily
Note 1714818 - Task for billing plan date is incorrect in BDOC for IPM
Note 1709989 - Task for billing plan date is incorrect in BDOC
Note 1723398 - 0IPM_SALES_RIGHT_I does not handle Bdoc task type '0'
The ROI was not performed on this yet. 
A consulting approach is the best solution for accelerating BW analytics.