Integrating Multiple Systems T0 A Single Sign-On
SAP Business One System

Innovative ERP Business Solutions for
The Small and Medium Enterprises

Ganapathi Pulipaka | [email protected] | Thursday, May 19th, 2014

SAP Business One is an advanced technology suite that can provide incremental innovative ways to open sales channels with new customers and plan the production, procurement, and build tighter integration with financial management, Inventory, Purchasing and increase the ROI and reduce TCO, drive the firm on a profitable path.  Prosum Inc. engages in implementing end-to-end SAP Business one solution from ground up or to migrate existing ERP implementation to SAP Business One with on-demand solution configuration.  SAP Business One makes the business process easier with pre-configured configurations to hit the ground running from day one, and the Add-ons can be deployed with various functionality enhancements on-demand as the company grows.
  • Connect all your integration points of your multiple systems and integrate to a single sign-on SAP Business One system
  • Business process re-engineering, automatize and fire up customer’s capability to drive the business in SAP Business One
  • Augmented decision making with work-flow and high customer satisfaction with crystal visibility
  • Mobilize the system and provide the employees a way to access the system anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Flexibility to enhance and customize the system to add more than 550 add-ons on-demand as the company grows.
  • Rapid pace implementation within eight weeks to twelve weeks
SAP’s 70% of the customers are SME (Small to medium sized enterprises) businesses.  According to a research conducted by Forrester, SAP is the # 1, SME ERP vendor generating maximum revenues out of top 20 market leaders followed by Oracle, Intuit, Infor, and Sage Group etc.  The rise of SAP Business One has shown a potential increase of 31,100 SME customers out of 43,400 SAP customers.    There are 15,830 SAP Business One customers, and 10,555 SAP Business All-In-One customers in the marketplace.   In 2008, SAP has expanded SAP Business One/SAP Business ByDesign solution to several untapped territories such as Australia, India, Italy, Netherlands, Nordic region, South Africa, Spain, Canada, and Mexico to provide growth opportunities for various SME businesses around the world.  Customers are looking for a low-cost high-quality solution and a potential upside in efficiencies and business process simplification/improvement to reduce the complexity of landscapes, and costs.  SAP Business One had not only reduced longer project lifecycles, it has been running for some 500 employees without experiencing any performance issues for multiple sites globally, despite the fact it’s targeted for <= 100 employees in an SME business. 
Small and medium businesses (1-100 employees) are looking to lead the pack and soar above the competition by boosting the speed at which the end users conduct business transactions.  Corporations are unable to complete their MRP planning on-time with the manual drudgery of the spreadsheets environment, which is prone to errors, thus losing the revenues in fulfilling the supply/demand cycle of the business.  Cost is one of the drivers for companies not to choose a robust ERP solution that works for 100 licensed users.  Corporations implemented inefficient solutions such as Open ERP software for ERP implementation.  In reality, enterprises are looking for an ERP solution to simplify their complex business processes, automate core business processes, enablement of effective business process improvement for ERP.  
SAP Business One Offering Highlights from Prosum for rapid paced implementation and high sustainable performance and business results include:
  • Integrated Financials Management and Sales
  • Warehouse and Production Management and Operations
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Mobility on-the-go access of any mobile device, anytime with Sybase SQL Anywhere SAP’s database
  • Integrated Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Analytics Powered by HANA for boosting the system’s efficiency and real-time data on finger tips
The SME businesses are gearing for SAP Business One and SAP Business All-In-One solutions to reduce the change management curve, and increase the productivity in no time.  SAP Business One reduces heavy customizing, and configurations as it comes with pre-configured software that is ready-to-go with minimum footprint to zero footprint of hardware and a fixed implementation scope and cost. The deployments of SAP Business One have been highly successful without scope creep in the project lifecycle with a predictable cost and budgetwith minimal business loss and faster-time-to-value. The SMEs can be up and running including with SAP All-in-One in as little as 16 weeks. The integration of CRM can quickly allow to manage a quote into an opportunity and turn into a sales order with back-to-back sales order integration into SAP ERP system to provide insights on end-to-end visibility on sales, fully integration of billing, pricing and distribution. SAP Business One/All-in-One solutions come with extensive documentation out of the box, pre-populated sample data, and several pre-configured forms and reports to get a small and mid-size company quickly up and running on this software.
In essence, customers looking for high productivity, affordable cost can integrate all core business functions including financial management, sales and distribution, CRM, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse management, and master data can integrate multiple systems into a single sign-on SAP Business One solution to reduce the complexity of landscapes, and hardware.